Salt Water Systems

We install, maintain and repair all types and brands of salt water pool filtration systems including the Jandy AquaPure and PureLink and Hayward Aqua Rite lines of salt water chlorination systems.

Salt water chlorination requires less maintenance and is also less expensive than standard chlorination.

In addition, salt water systems do not use any significant chemicals so say goodbye to red, irritated eyes, itchy skin, green hair, chlorine odors and even faded swimsuits!

salt water chlorination systems

Jandy Salt Water Systems

The Jandy Pro Series TruClear Salt System and AquaPure are independent, compact swimming pool water sanitizing systems that will fulfill all of your pool’s sanitizing needs. The TruClear and AquaPure systems utilize water softening technology to provide wonderfully smooth and gentle-on-the-body salt filtered water for swimming.

TruClear and AquaPure are the ONLY salt chlorinator generation systems that communicate with wired and wireless AquaLink RS Controls.

salt water chlorination

Hayward Salt Water Systems

Hayward Aqua Rite Electronic Chlorine Generators are the largest selling system in the world. They automatically produce pure chlorine every day while the pool is being filtered and distribute it evenly throughout the pool via the return jets. Aqua Rite generators use a low concentration of salt dissolved in the pool water (below the level of taste) to produce up to 1.45 lbs of chlorine daily, enough for all residential pools up to 40,000 gallons. They are also NSF certified and approved for use on commercial and public pools.