Swimming Pool Security Systems

Commercial, HOA and even residential swimming pools involve a significant and ongoing investment for regular service and maintenance. Unfortunately, a perimeter fence and locked gate will not deter a trespasser or vandal, nor will it identify any perpetrators.

RezCom has carefully considered this issue and developed the best possible solution that identifies the offenders and can provide the appropriate information to law enforcement. Or, if the identified culprit lives within the community, the specific homeowner can be held accountable.

This helps ensure that only the guilty party is responsible for any required pool repair and cleaning costs, rather than placing the financial burden on the HOA or pool owner.

Swimming Pool Security Gate

RezCom can fabricate a custom heavy gauge steel security gate for your swimming pool. The security gate locking mechanisms can include a standard combination lock, or an electronic magnet lock system.

swimming pool security gate

Electronic security gate locks feature a 1,200 pound magnet locking system controlled by your choice of several access protocols. Guests may gain entry to the pool area using a personalized pin number, pre-programmed keycard, key fob, thumb print or even a retinal scanner.

swimming pool security camera
After dark, the sensor activates built in LED lights for nighttime recording. The swimming pool security cameras are strategically positioned to capture all possible entry points and even the entire pool area.
hoa pool security gate

Personalized Electronic Access

pool security keypad

The main benefit of the dynamic system over a static combination lock is that both group and individual entry privileges may be granted, revoked or suspended in real-time remotely.

High Definition Security Camera

Each HD security camera features an independent built in motion detection sensor to initiate recording.

swimming pool security cameras
The video recording system uses either a 7 day 24 hour DVR, or live online access feeds are available with internet access.